What is all this branded content about?

You have probably heard already about brands or about branded content. This is a branch in media which deals with images and with signs. A sign or a brand is a distinction that appears in order to make the difference between products. When it comes to branded content, this means that a content is part of a certain brand, being distinct from other brands or contents. Some brands use a branded content agency.

The need to be original, to be different from the others has created this kind of branding, in media- written or a visual one. Some examples of branded content are: Netflix; Honda uses as a brand a music video; Net-a-Porter the brand that drives the retail sales; Dove uses a video as brand, K9FM radio receives calls from dog owners, so they branded a pedigree radio station; Procter and Gamble has a video, as a brand and the phrase ‘like a girl’; a film company had chosen a brand as Lego.

These examples translate also the need to be represented by something, but also by something that is very present in the content or into the branding activity. We still don’t know why Dove has chosen a video or a certain phrase, but when we hear that phrase, we know already that we deal with Dove. There is certainly something that will speak about Dove, in that context.

This is also a way to create entertainment. Different types of brands open also different options, but I cannot tell why a certain option is preferred. It is also important to create a conversation around the brand or around the content, in order to be branded. Most companies use such a strategy for the market, but also to achieve a status a popularity. This is an old model.

On the other hand, if a company is popular because of a content, then that content will become a brand or will be branded. Since the impact is enormous, the business network will continue to expand/to function due to that brand.

For the networking part, it is also important to find people who are interested in such activities. And there are, many which are interested in becoming part of the business, or which are already part of the business. Then, this conversation around the content will create an audience, conforming to the ideal of the brand. In such situation, when this audience is important, numerous, than the branded content becomes entertainment.